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Performance Information

Performance Information

GO Theatrical Soundtrack

To create a play with no dialogue, we felt in the absence of words that the music needed to be rich in sound and for the instruments to be authentic in every way. We also didn’t want the audience just to hear the music, we also wanted them to feel it… So, we had a full orchestra record the music, and this video is just a sample of the amazing music you'll hear during the performance and on the theatrical soundtrack being released after the final workshop performance in April 2021

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About the Play

GO is a soul-stirring play written and created by Ronald D. Eastman II & Stephanie Frazier.

Set in the present-day, GO is inspired by Eastman's life story (and his book, Return to Your Senses), where abuse left him silenced as a child until he chose to fight as an adult.

GO follows a talented young boy forced into isolation (a cellar), ill-treated, silenced, and kept isolated by an unknown entity on the other side of a heavy steel door. And although doors usually serve as a way to come and go... this heavy steel door is only used as a way of entry for abuse and never a pathway to leave.

Decades after surviving and being isolated in a cellar, a young and strong-minded girl enters this sequestered living space, and he is forced to find his voice, face his fears and confront his younger self.

GO is a story of innocence broken and the birth of a protector!

The Amazing Cast

Jason C. Louder
Adult Keith

Rachel Novak


Anthony Campbell
Young Keith

Behind the Curtain

Writer, Creator & Executive Producer

Ronald D Eastman II
Writter, Creator & Executive Producer

Actor, Playwright, Producer

Stephanie Frazier
Writer, Co-creator, Producer

Sonhara Eastman

Sonhara Eastman
Executive Producer



Olivia Crosby


Mark Kueffner
Music Composer


Alice Adams Johnson
Stage Manager

"A special thanks to our Special Artistic Advisor, G. William Catus @ Browncats Productions, LLC"

Live Social Distancing Workshop Performance

GO is having a total of four "Social Distancing" workshop performances the week of 12 April 2021. We are limiting seating to a maximum of 35 audience members. Face-mask will be required for attendance to all performances.

April 2021 Performance Venue

We chose Actors Express for this final workshop because this theatre challenges and reflects contemporary human experiences in an inclusive environment. They also seek to jumpstart individual transformations through the shared adventure of live performances, which, we too, believe Go should be presented.

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Feedback from the First Workshop Performance

I just got back from seeing this riveting, brilliant, thought-provoking play. How can a play with no dialogue say so much? That a play in which the protagonist is a man hopelessly trapped in a dreadful situation can contain such exquisite sweetness and tenderness was a complete surprise. Every element - cast, lighting, sound, choreography, costumes - was superb.


I had no idea what to expect from a play with no words, but was completely blown away by the amount of tears I shed by GO. It touched my deeply! Can't wait to see it on its next run... 


Last night, I had the pleasure of seeing this amazing production called "GO" about a "young boy who was forced into isolation, ill-treated, and silence for over a decade and leader force to find his voice, faces fear, and confront his younger self." POWERFUL!! Great message during mental health awareness month as we continue to Break the silence! Break this chain! Break the stigma!!


A work of Genius! 


Act fast, Limited Seating

To ensure the safety of the cast, crew and audience, seating is limited to a 35 person audience.

A "Social Distancing" seating configuration will be in place and face mask must be worn at all times during the performance.